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Concept, Installation, Installation, Lighting, Heritage

The theme of the 2016 edition of the festival was “Nature”.


The Urban Oasis concept consists of creating natural, refuge spots and sanctuaries spread across outdoor spaces like piazzas garden, pedestrian areas and the rooftops of Port Louis to provide respite from the tropical summer heat.


Nature will provide a shaded oasis during the day, and nature will power the calming lights during the night. 


These “living pods” will offer a natural rest-stop for people with the help of live plants offering cool shade, fresh air, relaxing scents and solar powered light.


Each oasis will have different sets of plants offering visitors a slice of nature endemic to Mauritius. Pause a while, and learn something new about our natural landscape!


After the event:

The plants can be replaced around the many corporate, public and educational sites, museums, eateries etc., to foster sustainable urban regeneration in the capital and reconnect the city to Nature. 


The installation is zero waste as every component is re-usable. 

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